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Monday, January 25, 2010

Palladium- a precious, pure, naturally white metal.

Palladium- a precious, pure, naturally white metal. ringPalladium is an exciting metal that has entered the finished jewelry industry. Mined together with Platinum and one of the six noble Platinum Group Metals, palladium is a naturally white, pure, hypoallergenic metal which is 30 times more rare than gold. It is equivalent to platinum in its purity and is easy to maintain as it remains naturally white, unlike white gold.

As gold is naturally yellow, it is alloyed with white metals to make it white and as a finishing touch it is rhodium plated to give it a bright white finish. Over time, the rhodium can wear and replating is needed.

Like platinum, palladium does not require replating as it comes out of the ground white, so a polish is all that is needed. Palladium is not as dense as platinum, being closer to gold in its weight.

Palladium had been used as an alloy to strengthen gold in the past and with the popularity of the white metals, has been reintroduced in finished jewelry. One of the palladium mines is located in the USA in Billings, Montana at the Stillwater Mining Co. We have a large selection of palladium mountings and many companies are
making Palladium a valued alternative as the price is much less than platinum. So you receive the purity, luster and rarity of platinum at a fraction of the cost.
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