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Store History

Store HistoryMany customers presume that our name is a family name, which is a perfectly logical assumption. The name originates with the goddess Diana, whose statue is in the center of the town square in Siracusa, Sicily, that Samuel DiGiacomo remembered when he and his wife, Helen, opened the first Diana Jewelry on North Salina St. in 1921. They would have 3 daughters and a son and their business would survive the Great Depression and life’s ups and downs and close in 1957. That same year, their second daughter, Madalyn and her husband, Raymond decided to take the plunge and open their own business.
Ray had served in a MASH unit in World War II while May was home with their infant daughter, Sandra, and working at Syracuse Trust. After completing watch making school at Morrisville, he worked at GE and repaired watches at night to keep his skills sharp. They decided Madalyn would quit her job at Nationwide and work with Ray in their business.
Store HistoryAt about the same time, Madalyn’s brother, John, opened a store in downtown Syracuse, with a similar name, but a different business. Also, in late 1957, Madalyn found out she was expecting another “gem” (guess who?)
So imagine finding a storefront in a new development called a “plaza,” saving every penny, going out on a limb with merchandise, raising a daughter, quitting both jobs with the intention of opening your business July 1,1958 and now expecting a baby due on June 30, 1958.
This baby, apparently realizing that May couldn’t give birth and open a business the next day, decided to be born in mid-April. So add your baby in the hospital to the picture. On July 1, 1958, Madalyn and Ray opened Diana Suburban Jewelry & Gift Shop, Inc., which later became Diana Jewelers of Liverpool, Inc.
With their families’ help, they opened on time and worked in our business until just a few years ago. What amazing risk takers, survivors and a testament to faith and family.