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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ring Design: Reset your present stones

One of our favorite parts of this business is the redesign of rings, pendants, earrings, etc. using customer’s stones. We love listening to what a customer likes and designing something he or she will wear for years to come, making that piece of jewelry a family heirloom.

With all the talk about going “green” in the media, we’d like you to know that the jewelry industry has been recycling for years! We can take stones from many pieces, sometimes from many generations and combine them to create a new memory. If there is an extra stone or two left, we’ve created another piece from Grandma’s ring to pass to the next generation. And, you can use your scrap gold (old rings, chain, earrings) against the price of the new ring.

There very few things that can survive style and trend changes like jewelry. Add to that the ability to pass on a memory that you treasured or perhaps make a new memory and create what we like to call a “BGR” ; Big Girl Ring, with a stone or stones that are presently not being used. It would cost much more to buy a new diamond ring or pendant versus resetting a diamond you already own!
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