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Saturday, April 17, 2010

It starts with an idea, then a sketch and a new memory

In our last issue, we discussed remounting existing stones to create a new piece of jewelry, making a new memory and perhaps giving new life to a family heirloom.

In part 2 of our redesign discussion, we'd like ot illustrate how it all begins...with an idea or a picture of something a customer saw. Sometimes our customers come in with no idea and choose from our variety of settings and their available variations. And sometimes, it truly does being with a sketch, as seen above.

The ring our customer liked needed to be redesigned to accommodate her own stones. The computer rendering below helped her visualize what the ring would look like upon completion. If there is a detail that needs to be changed, that can easily be done. Her original diamond is set across the finger with the diamonds from her wedding ring set in the yellow gold swirls on each side. The mil grain edges and pave set diamonds on the edges gave the ring a slightly antique look but with a contemporary flair. The picture to the right shows the finished product, however it honestly does not capture the beauty and "bling" of the ring. This customer was able to pay for a portion with her scrap gold credit also.

The wedding band below, pictured with engagement ring, was made to the customers specifications and is set with the diamonds from her mother's wedding ring. A new memory!




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