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Monday, April 26, 2010

The care and feeding of......and frequently asked questions!q

We are often asked questions on the care of jewelry and certain gemstones. We'd like to answer a few questions now with more in future issues. So, here we go!

Q. I have a platinum ring that is causing me an allergic reaction. I thought it was hypoallergenic.
A. Yes, platinum and palladium are both considered hypoallergenic because neither are alloyed with nickel, which can cause allergic reactions in a few cases. In the vast majority of causes if you don't have an immediate reaction, the problem is caused by a change in medication, in body chemistry or material trapped behind the stones. Sometimes lotions, cleaning agents, etc. dry beneath the stones and these irritants are reactivated when the ring gets wet. The solution is simple; bring it in, we'll clean it and let it dry completely. Then, after your finger is healed, we ask you try the ring again. We've seen this in jewelry of all metals, including 14k gold, platinum and palladium.

Q. Someone told me once to keep my gold jewelry out of pools and hot tubs. Why? They look beautiful and sparkle when I get out.
A. They may sparkle, but the culprit is chlorine. Chlorine attacks the alloys in the gold that make it strong. The result is a "brittleness" in the metal that can not be seen or predicted. The metal does not take the hits and knocks of life as well, often resulting in the prongs breaking easily and unfortunately, the loss of treasured stones. So, keep your gold jewelry out of your pool and hot rub and away from chlorine bleach or cleaners with a bleach content.

Tip: And don't forget the Windex to remove rings that won't come off easily!
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