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Sunday, May 02, 2010

So, What's New?

So, many fun things are new. In addition to our "Spectaculars" , fashionable eyeglass necklace, we have three exciting new products.

-Problems with rings spinning on your finger? Our new Swing Guards, pictured below, are installed on the outside of your ring with wires that snap around the shank once the ring is on your finger. This limits the constant spinning and gives a more permanent solution to the plated, easily breakable, panty-hose attacking temporary guards. We make them in 14K white or yellow gold and prices start at $75.00

-Wondering why your white gold ring looks a little yellow? White gold is mined yellow and alloyed to make it white, but there is still a little yellow tint to the metal. The last step is to rhodium plate the ring to give it that high white finish. Over time, the plating wears off and the yellow tint returns, especially in the back of the ring where it gets that most wear. Here's a new solution. Instead of just using rhodium on the ring, we can palladium plate it first and then rhodium, if you like. As mentioned in the last issue, palladium, like rhodium, is a pure white metal. Because, the cost of palladium is far less that rhodium, we can put a thicker plate on the piece, making it longer lasting. Give us a call for more details.

-Love the new look of diamonds surrounding your center stone, but don't want to invent in a whole new ring? The new halo heads are very popular and frame the center diamond beautifully. We have a manufacturer who has designed a replacement head to accommodate your center and includes the small diamonds that make the "halo". If the head works with your existing ring, you need to only replace the head, not the whole ring to give your diamond a new look.
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