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Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's really important...

Whats really important... whatsimportant

Last week after sprinting through one of the grocery stores I frequent I was thinking of all the things I needed to get done before rushing home, making dinner, getting whomever needed to be wherever....whenever and I was struck by the short few words spoken in the checkout line by the cashier. Ironically, I'd heard her say these words before, but this day I couldn't help but be calmed by them. Suddenly, the world paused and so did I. What were the words? To every departing customer, she simply said " Have a blessed day!". There are no worries in her world about using the word "blessed". She is extending the most wonderful parting words she can to another person. This, of course, brought to my mind the holidays and their greetings. Honestly, extending a "Merry Christmas", Happy Easter or whichever your holiday happens to be is simply extending the most wonderful greeting you can offer to another person. It is a blessing, like the checkout clerk extending a "blessed day" to everyone whose life she touches daily. In my world, we can say "Happy Holidays" but we cannot be afriad making our greeting special or specific because some think the world is generic. So in these coming months, I wish you a Happy May Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Labor Day. Have a blessed Spring and Summer! So what is really important? Family, Faith, Friendships. From our hearts, we thank you kindly for your business. -Betsy

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