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Friday, December 03, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!  holidays1It seems that time does speed by faster as we get older. I never believed my parents when they said that. After all, to a teenager, they were not young, had terrible taste in music and somehow found humor in the strangest things! But here we are with children of our own and oddly enough saying the same thing about us. Then it was the Beatles, now it’s the rappers. (Let’s be clear, no matter how much my father hated electric guitars, the Beatles are certainly classier than rappers.) The passage of time is a funny thing. Yesterday’s hippies are today’s retirees and today’s rappers could be tomorrow’s bankers. But some things do not change. Beauty, joy, warmth, peace and wonder come to us in different ways; sometimes in a quiet, “Ah Ha” moment, the hug of a friend when there are no words, a newborn baby placed in your arms or the wisdom of the elderly. Children live their lives filled with joy with small pockets of frowns between. Unfortunately, adults can live their lives in reverse; pockets of joy surrounded by stress and worry. Here, we like to think that we help celebrate these joyful times with gifts that transcend time and change. We tried to come up with a diamond ring that incorporated an iPod application or a receiver for 75 satellite TV stations embedded within it, but to no avail! After all, that would be a multi-purpose beautiful gift, right? But it would miss the point. A true gift is given out of love, without measure. It celebrates those “Ah Ha” pockets of joy times. Happy Holidays!  holidays2Its “purpose” is to bring a smile, convey an emotion, speak volumes in an instant, a heartbeat. We have some awesome gifts this Holiday Season. Don’t dismiss jewelry because the prices of precious metals are high. Consider paying for purchases with our scrap gold in our “BAG OF SCRAP” promotion as your scrap is worth more now also. Take advantage of our FREE DIAMONDS to set your existing stones into a new setting (s). Come to DESIGNER STERLING DAY, Sunday, Dec. 5th. See the Fall/Holiday Beads, Sara Blaine, and Elle & Argentium Silver from Argento d’Italia. Look for details on the back of your free gift with purchase now through 12/24/10. We are offering our customers a “Tax included week” from 12/5-12/11/10 where we’ll pay the sales tax! (Not valid on Pandora, or loose diamonds). As always, we wish you many large “pockets of joy” and many blessings to you and your families this Christmas and Holiday Season.

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