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Friday, December 03, 2010

What's Really Important...

Whats Really Important... lastbutnotleastOne of the best parts of our job is hearing the stories surrounding incredible moments: a gift or event that, like Terri said, someone put their heart and soul into planning. Here's a favorite. A young man designs a ring for his girl knowing exactly what she'd like, as they've been together since middle school. She comes home from work on a Friday night to find 99 roses in all different colors with a note directing her to the internet if she wants to know what the 99 means. The 99 meant "I love you", but what he also knew was that she'd see what 108 roses symbolized..."Will you marry me?" Well, she figured, she got the 99 (but not the 108...sigh). Upon their return from dinner, he presented her with, you guessed it, the other 9 and and the ring. Now, I'm sure not all their moments will be that special, but that moment will always e remembered as incredible. She'll remember the second she realized there were another 9 roses and he'll always remember her face at that second. Here's the thing about a gift: the perfect gift is selfless and given to bring joy to the recipient. A piece of jewelry may not be multi-functional or an electric wonder, but it serves the perfect function: to bring joy to the one you love.

On behalf of our family and staff, for whichever Holiday brings you joy, we wish you the blessings of a Merry Christmas and Holiday Season. May God Bless you now and in the New Year.
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