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Monday, November 21, 2011

What's really important..."Breathe in the Purple!"

I wonder how to express "what's really important" after losing someone you love. It seemed everything else paled in comparison to this moment in our little "family." Plus, every year at this time, I say This year will be different! I'll get my shopping done early; I'll bake early...HA!" Achieving balance between the crazy , joyous Christmas and Holiday work schedule and the rest of our lives is no small task. And, we must enjoy celebrating with family and friends, not letting the craziness take over. Terri knew how to achieve it all and be the best "cheerleader" a friend could ever have. She worked hard, loved completely, and never judged. She always said "Don't worry! It's all good!" And yes, I thought she was crazy - sometimes people are not exactly joyous! Our office is purple because it was her favorite color and when things were crazy, we'd say to each other "Breathe in the purple!" WE don't have to hold onto the crazy moments! If we breathe deeply, the craziness will pass.
Whats really important...Breathe in the Purple! WhatsReallyImportant-NeverLoseHope

She and I each have a pendant, which her daughter now wears, that just says one word: "Hope." Her favorite saying was "Never lose Hope" which is on our shirts in the photo above. On behalf of our family and staff, in Terri's spirit, I wish you Hope, Joy, and Peace in mind and spirit. Merry Christmas and Holiday Season to everyone. May God bless you now and throughout the year. We look forward to to helping you choose the perfect gift this holiday season.
Whats really important...Breathe in the Purple! WhatsReallyImportant-Hands
"Its all good!" - Betsy
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