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Friday, February 03, 2012

What's Really Important...February 2012

by Betsy
"What's love got to do with it?"

Some would say that's a crazy question. Isn't love the most important factor in any relationship? But let's separate the infatuation love with the oatmeal love. Infatuation love is that initial wave that makes you feel all tingly inside and out. But if you are lucky, "oatmeal" love is what comes after...taking each day together, dealing with all the ups and downs life brings; the runny nose, job issues, teacher meetings, holidays, birthdays, birth and death, tears and smiles. It takes love and adds respect, compassion, appreciation, validation, trust, faith, and a good sense of humor. Although, sometimes it feels like you are on a merry go round and rollercoaster at the same time, something bizarre happens when you wake up the next day. The same thing happens all over again!

I have heard some amazing stories of "oatmeal love." Most often it involves someone seeing beyond the surface into the inner beauty of another. Oatmeal love is more interested in what's within, than exterior looks. It looks for than inner shine. And oatmeal love celebrates the craziness of life, with victories, no matter how small. It find joy in the bedlam and teaches us how to hold on tight.

How do you say you are the light of my life? I hope you will consider something bright and sparkly that will light up her life.

Spring is almost here!

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