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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

And the winner is...

We held a contest to choose the best engagement story with the contest ending on March 31. It was a very hard decision, and because it was posted on our website, we received entries from as far away as California and Minnesota! What amazing and clever grooms-to-be with intricate plans; proposing in flight, on the beach, at the movies and by the Falls. So much planning to make that one special "take her breath away" moment perfect.

And the winners are... Josh and Corrine. We were always impressed with Josh's respectful and appreciative manner while making his plans and designing his ring. His ultimate goal was making everything perfect. The first reason I chose them was not because everything went exactly as planned... it was because it didn't and he had the sense and presence of mind to "go with the flow" and not get flustered. They were engaged at Niagara Falls, not at the "perfect" spot he has researched, or the second spot, but the third was the charm! Engaged with the diamond her grandfather bartered for while drilling wells, the setting is an elegant, antique design. This couple has the ability to roll with the changes that life will ultimately bring and stay focused on their life together.

While reading the stories in no particular order, I realized teo stories sounded similar. Simple answer-both Corrine and Josh submitted their story! They have one a lacquered rose and a Santangelo's gift certificate.
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