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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Here Comes the Bride...

Here Comes the Bride... Styles change over time but there remains nothing more elegant than a bride on her wedding day. It's the say she feels and looks like a princess especially when her "Prince Charming" of a Dad gives her hand to her new Prince. Of course, watching some of the reality shows with these crazy brides and families, one wonders if elegance is even in their vocabulary.

Here Comes the Bride... Here Comes the Bride... Pearls remain the elegant bridal gift and gemstones that last a lifetime for the ride and also some incredible ideas for her attendants. Pearl strands in cultured saltwater or freshwater fit any budget and pearl pendants set in sterling with diamonds are breathtaking.

Here Comes the Bride... A new line of sparkle jewelry for attendants' gifts combines elegance with funk at affordable prices. Think of a slinky bracelet studded with hand polished crystals; matching earrings, neckpieces and stackable rings also available. Choose from white, rose, and black. Attendants' special: Purchase 4 and the bride receives a double strand bracelet as our gift.

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