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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Dianas Sparkles During the 2012 Holidays

Dianas Sparkles During the 2012 Holidays I may be dating myself here, but most of you know the age bracket the majority of us are at here at Diana’s. I have fond memories of cartoons growing up from Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Road Runner and my personal favorite, Tom and Jerry. Yes, I really believed that Jerry and Gene Kelly danced together! How they did that so seamlessly without the technology of today still boggles the mind.

Remember Popeye, the Sailor Man with his signature can of can of spinach? Opening the can was always with force and there seemed to be jagged edges almost all the time. I don’t remember him ever calmly using a can opener, do you? And sometimes he reached way, way down into the can, pulled the spinach out and devoured it, muscles exploding just in time to save the day or Olive Oil or both!

Well, life certainly is full of “jagged edges” and sometimes we need to reach way, way down to find the “spinach”, our inner strength, to get us through. The support of faith, family and community sustains us while we grow, change and adapt to life’s circumstances. If we are lucky enough to have great people around us, we learn that when things get difficult, try to always look deep within for the strength to sustain the storm. Dianas Sparkles During the 2012 Holidays

I would like to dedicate this to my dear friend, Rita, who passed away on October 2nd. Popeye would have been in awe of her ability to be consistently positive. A survivor of 3 strokes and a heart attack, she adapted each time with grace and an unsurpassed positive attitude. She always looked forward, not back, living life to the fullest, even if it meant observing from a wheelchair on oxygen in a nursing home. She always found the positive in a situation and in others.

We have some awesome ideas to say “thank you” to those around us who support us; our “spinach” so to speak. A new line of sterling silver pendants called “Sentimental Expressions” was created specifically to speak to that special person. Each comes with a poem written for that individual design. There are hundreds of choices available, starting at only $59.95.

We are also introducing Willowtree figures and for those looking for some new “bling” a gorgeous line of colored diamond pave jewelry, with excellent quality and affordably priced.

On behalf of Sandy, Chris, Jim, Jan and Mary Lou, I would like to welcome Kristin to our staff. Her sweet manner and smile will win your heart!
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