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Monday, December 03, 2012

Message from Betsy

Message from Betsy hands-82I have been very blessed. God has placed some really incredible people in my path; some I realized and some I tripped over along the way, missing the purpose of their presence. Good thing He is persistent.

I was so very blessed to have Rita, mentioned on page 1, gently placed in my life. We shared lunch on Wednesdays for over 6 years and she became my dearest friend. The almost 30 year age difference didn’t matter in the least. We found so much in common. We were simply at different stops along the way. She was my resting time, my prayer buddy and the “calm to my crazy.” Rita raised 5 sons with a husband she loved deeply, a quick wit that was ever present and an opinion that was dead on most of the time. Her faith sustained her through her husband’s death, a week after his cancer diagnosis, and her own health issues. She never questioned who she was and what was the most important in her life: her faith and family, first and foremost. No worrying about personal independence or freedoms. It was never about her. Now it seems like our world is backwards; what we were raised to believe was good, is now frowned upon and what was bad, sometimes isn’t perceived as such. When our son was about 12, I told Rita about our “conflicts” entering those teenage years and she just smiled saying “They turn human again when they turn 18.” I said “yeah right.” When I visited her in the hospital before she passed, I reminded her about his upcoming birthday. She gave me her “ I told you so” smile. Hold onto the true gifts of Christmas every day of the year. Sometimes the simplest gifts, like a smile from a friend, sustain us. The quietest gifts are the real miracles. May God Bless you now and throughout the New Year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We look forward to helping you choose the perfect gift this Holiday Season. betsy

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