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Monday, December 03, 2012

Why buy jewelry...

Why buy jewelry... In this age of technology where our lives are communicated via electronics, where does jewelry fit into gift giving plans? Is jewelry a “need” or a “want”? Why do people want to buy jewelry? Because it’s a GIFT; personal and special and it speaks volumes to say to another; “ I am giving you this just because.” Jewelry giving reaches beyond what’s expected and creates surprise, emotion and validation. It says “Thank you” for all you do; “I am so proud of you”; “I’m sorry.” Jewelry connects us with each other on an emotional level because the giver did something unnecessary which resulted in raising the spirit of the recipient. That human connectivity makes jewelry a “need” more than a “want” given in the true spirit of giving.

So the top FIVE reasons why jewelry is a win/win for gift giving?:

5) Saying “I’m sorry” when I wasn’t listening, didn’t do, forgot again, etc..
4) A gift that may be passed down for generations to come.
3) Because I want she/he to be as joy filled as the lovely young lady pictured to the right!
2)Takes communication away from the iPhone and into the heart
1)The gift, reminds the wearer that he/she is loved and remembered, cherished and valued.
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