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Monday, December 02, 2013

Diana Jewelers Holiday 2013

by Betsy
 Diana Jewelers Holiday 2013 diana-jewelry-gift-shop-newsletter-96Stories. We all have our favorite stories; sweet or happy tears stories, teaching stories, “you must be kidding me”, Aha miraculous and the “not so happy ending” stories. We remember stories for generations and they guide us in the passages of life. Our children have favorite family stories they love repeated. My daughter frequently asks me to tell her the story of “when she stood up in church and announced she was no longer a princess”, or when the she was put in my arms for the first time at the airport. Before the written word, our history was noted via stories. My husband and I bought a figure of a Native American Storyteller on vacation-a woman surrounded by children passing on their culture. Today it is sad to see that the respect for the stories of old doesn’t seem to be important. The world is always looking to the future often forgetting the past. On 9/11 and on the 50th anniversary of the assignation of JFK, my daughter’s global teacher did not speak about either event.

This is our 55th year in business. We have many stories; incredible surprises, funny, sad, crazy, nervous, joyous...pretty much any emotion. A lifetime of stories. And we thank you all for keeping us in your lives and sharing your memories. You allow us into your own stories because jewelry and gift giving is personal and intimate. Our hearts are full of your stories. Some include memories of those we have loved and lost, but those stories keep them with us.

And one of the people who shared your amazing stories for 39 years is retiring from Diana’s. Chris Mathews has given incredible service to our customers. Please stop in and wish Chris well.

Our newest addition to our Diana “family” is Sandy. . Please introduce yourself.

She would love to meet all of you. Her positive attitude and quick wit keep us smiling. An addition to our “extended” Diana family is Madison Grace, our Jackie (and Mark’s) new daughter. Jackie started working for us as a teen and grew into a beautiful woman. She is a nurse, wife and now a Mom. Madison now has “adopted” grandmothers galore!

Because you are the reason we are in business, we have some special offers:

-55% off case-amazing deals on beautiful jewelry.
-Bonus purchase: A qualifying purchase entitles you to purchase from a selected group of items at incredible prices.
-Favorite Story: Do you have a favorite Diana’s story? Share it with us in the store, by email or on Facebook. Your story registers you to win a $55.00 gift certificate.

Events of 1958...

Some facts and momentous events of 1958…
-Average cost of a home in 1958 was $12.750.00
-Average yearly wages was $4,600
-Gallon of gas….$.25/gallon WOW
-NASA opens
-Bobby Fischer wins US Chess Championship at age 14
-Pope John XXIII was elected
-Toyota and Datsun on sale in US
-Nelson Rockefeller elected NYS governor
-Elvis enlists in Army
-Microchip invented by Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce, of Texas Instruments and airchild, later developed and marketed by Intel
-Hula Hoop introduced by Wham-O. 100 million sold.
-Packard car company closes
-US passenger flights start with National Boeing 707
-Sir Edmund Hillary reaches South Pole
-Remote control USA by Zenith
-Born: Andrea Bocelli and Jamie Lee Curits
-Popular TV: Candid Camera, Jack Benny, Gunsmoke
-Movies: South Pacific, Gigi
-Diana Jewelry and Gift Shop opens in Liverpool
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