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Monday, December 01, 2014

Memories with bling...

by Betsy
Memories with bling... memories with bling 3-84

Can you imagine, new business, home, teenage daughter and a premature baby all at once? Certainly major challenges put financial strains on every part of life. And once the business is open, the main priority is servicing clients and establishing good credit by paying your vendors promptly. Usually it is quite awhile until a paycheck is taken or any perks are realized. This was the case with May and Ray ( Mom and Dad). No extra for "bling". But after a long time, perhaps 6 months or so, Dad was able to take a paycheck and things were looking up. And Dad wanted to give Mom a piece of jewelry to say "thank you". A salesman came in the store and per Dad's budget, he placed a selection of rings in a tray. Dad called Mom out and told her she could choose one because of all the hard work in opening the store. She picked a 10K oval blue/green stone surrounded by seed pearls because it was so unique. I remember her wearing that ring when I was little. I cherish it now as a piece of their personal and professional history.

Memories with bling... memories with bling 2-26

There really is nothing like jewelry to bring back a memory and fill your heart.

Memories with bling... memories with bling 1-8

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