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Monday, December 01, 2014

Your Bling Therapy

by Betsy
Beautiful. Elegant.
Your Bling Therapy  Your Bling Therapy  Your Bling Therapy  Your Bling Therapy  Your Bling Therapy

Timeless. Unique.
Your Bling Therapy  Your Bling Therapy  Your Bling Therapy  Your Bling Therapy  Your Bling Therapy

We try to purchase from manufacturers that are unique to our area. For example, we are the only Kirk Kara dealer in Central Upstate New York. These incredible, hand crafted rings in 18K gold or platinum are truly quiet elegance. We also carry designs from Phillis Bergman (yes she is a real person) that are also elegant and available in 14k gold, 18K gold, palladium, or platinum.

But the best designer for you... is you. If you are looking for an engagement ring or a new setting for your present stone, please give us a call and come in to "play" with the bling. We have a marvelous selection of settings and we deal with manufacturers who can customize to your specifications. Want to change the width on the matching wedding band? Change the size diamonds on the side? One client told me we were the "Burger King of bling!" Make it your style.

Remember, if you reset your center diamond, often you can do something else with the original setting. We have made another ring or earrings from the original mounting. If there are other stones in the ring, make a diamond band to go with the new engagement ring. There are so many ideas. If you feel it's time for a setting change or your mounting is worn, stop in and see what is possible using your stone.

The latest thought is to get the latest and greatest electronic notebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. and many are not without great expense. Funny how something that will go out of date in very short time is pushed to the front of the priority list, but not the diamond ring worn for life and meaning so much.

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