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Monogram: Customized Classics

Almost nothing feels as special or personal as a customized piece of jewelry. Necklaces and bracelets always feel fancy no matter what, but there is extra significance in a piece that bears the wearer's name.

Monogram's collection of jewelry sets itself apart from other customized accessory lines. Instead of spelling out the wearer's name or initials in an obvious way, Monogram, based out of New Hyde Park, NY, incorporates initials into delicate, ornate gossamer designs. At first glance, the pieces look like abstract filigree charms. This makes the jewelry even more meaningful to the person wearing it, because the significance is a secret just for her and the person who gave it to her.

Women gravitate toward the pendant necklaces first, since they remind wearers of the nameplate necklaces they wore as children. The initials on the charms swirl around each other like vines. Some of them, like Style #PNK0070, resemble twisting tree of life emblems. The designs are naturally dictated by the number of letters chosen and what those letters are. Style #PNK0068 is a gold pendant with a regal circle of tiny, shimmering diamonds surrounding the letters, and Style #PHCN012 is a traditional old-fashioned plaque with the initials engraved on it in a vintage script. Style #PNK0086 is striking in its simplicity; it is a single letter in a complex, interwoven cursive.
Monogram: Customized Classics  Monogram: Customized Classics  Monogram: Customized Classics  Monogram: Customized Classics

Monogram's unique way of designing the nameplates is most evident in the brand's bracelets. The placement of the charms almost makes them look like antique watches on tiny chains. Style #PBR0015 resembles a fragile flower, with the central letters only becoming apparent upon a second glance. Style #PBR0024 is a bangle that is extravagant in the best sense. Style #PHCB001 is a silver-toned cuff with golden initials on top of it. Some of Monogram's bracelets are adult versions of youthful charm bracelets, with little round plaques dangling from chains that would look androgynous if not for their high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship.
Monogram: Customized Classics  Monogram: Customized Classics  Monogram: Customized Classics

Monogram's rings carry extra weight precisely because they are so small. They convey all of the maturity and authority of a college ring but with far more personality and grace. Style #PRG0004 looks the most like a class ring, with its circular face and block lettering. Style #PRG001 is the most ladylike, while Style #PHCR003 is the most unique. The latter is a miniature silver cuff with the letters engraved right into the smooth surface. Style #PRG006 is modern and virtually peerless, featuring a lone attention-grabbing silver initial in a large, angular script.
Monogram: Customized Classics  Monogram: Customized Classics  Monogram: Customized Classics  Monogram: Customized Classics

Giving a ring to a woman is a significant, often life-changing, act. New Hyde Park's Monogram makes it easy to create reasons to give rings, necklaces and bracelets to the woman you love.

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