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Platinum: One of the Loveliest Precious Metals

Platinum Forever

Today people around the world celebrate the beauty of fine Platinum. This durable metal maintains a very high melting point. With a powerful 3,214.9 degrees Fahrenheit required to reduce precious silver-colored Platinum to liquid, rest assured that rings and other items of jewelry crafted from this rare metal last practically forever. Its awe-inspiring properties and symbolic durability make it popular in modern engagement rings and wedding bands. Few more meaningful testimonials to enduring love exist.

For centuries, Platinum remained very difficult to extract successfully. Despite the challenges, at least one ancient Egyptian tomb contains alloys of Platinum and some Pre-Columbian civilizations in South America on rare occasions used this metal. However, only with the invention of more potent furnaces during the 1800s did Platinum obtain wide circulation. Now this hard, stable shiny metallic element ("Pt") ranks as one of the most valuable precious metals, more expensive than some alloys of Gold.

Care And Attention

Considering its immense worth, it surprises few people that Platinum plays a very important role in the world of high fashion and elegant jewelry. Both its strength and its brilliant appearance appeal to people. Diana Jewelers of Liverpool, New York carries an impressive collection of beautiful rings, watches, necklaces and other items that incorporate this rare metal into fundamental design elements.

Platinum enjoys a welcome place as a component of many engagement and wedding bands. We offer some exceptional pieces created by the renowned handcrafted artisans at Kirk Kara. Since 1890, the talented fine jewelers associated with that firm have excelled in the development of lovely bridal rings.

Some Examples

Platinum's high melting point sometimes renders the metal challenging to shape. Nevertheless, Kirk Kara's remarkable collection offers both incredible beauty and charm. Many couples select this brand as a permanent token of their love. Kirk Kara provides a wide array of styles, also. For instance, the contrast between the classic contours of the Carmella Design and the trendy Angelique Design demonstrate the versatility of lovely Platinum in valuable jewelry.

Some of the most popular rings that utilize Platinum illustrate its power. For instance, our patrons can choose the lovely Charlotte designs in either diamonds alone, or diamonds and sapphire.

These elegant handcrafted bands display the care and attention required to fashion breathtaking, durable Platinum with a delicate Milgrain edging. The incredible fine details of this work contribute to the final results. Small inset stones decorate the simple, exquisite band. Whether our rings reflect the brilliant blue of Sapphire or the subdued white fire of Diamond alone, the ultimate effect proves absolutely stunning. We carry some exceptionally appealing Platinum rings!

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