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A Romantic Tale

One of the most rewarding parts of the job is having wonderful clients. And we understand when they come with their assortment of jewelry to be redesigned; it holds more meaning to all of us because it isn’t only about the new ring. It is the story of combining the memories in all the pieces into one piece. And odds are that no matter what the design, those memories carry with them every emotion surrounding life’s events; marriage, children, careers, parents, grandchildren. Simply put; life’s ups and downs.
It was our privilege to create a design for one of our favorite people because she is so special to our hearts. Her redesign story is simple: create something new from my engagement ring, anniversary ring and perhaps a pair of earrings. Each piece has its own romantic story.
A Romantic Tale PelcherBefore-1

The result:
Per the client’s request, a two tone engagement ring with her center diamond, one large diamond on each side (from the earrings) and channel set side diamonds (from her anniversary ring). Our suggestion was to set the three larger diamonds in white gold and the channel band is yellow to match her wedding ring.
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