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What a gift to receive, cherish and renew

What a gift to receive, cherish and renew 2019-jun21-83Its funny how sentimental you can become when it comes to special times, friends and family. We associate and assign feelings to objects that hold memories for us and the people or events they relate to.

For example, family/heritage jewelry that is passed on to wear as it is or is re-purposed.

A customer brought in a ring from her great grandmother (1800's) to be refurbished. It had three garnets on each side with six small seed pearls down the center.

The setting was rose gold with beautiful engraving on the sides. The seed pearls had worn away with time and one of the garnets was missing. Our custom shop rebulit the center of the ring and six diamonds were put in place of the pearls.

And the special engraving from great grandfather was still in place on the band. The ring held special meaning because the customer was so much like her great grandmother, who she remembers as a young child.

What a gift to receive, cherish and renew!

AT: 06/21/2019 12:57:34 AM  

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