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Opal: The Prized Jewel of the Ancient World

Opal has a history with royal and powerful of the Ancient World that is as interesting and varied as each stone's contrasting mixture of color from white to black with stunning flashes of red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

The rich and powerful in Ancient Greece wore opal because they believed it gave the wearer gift of foresight, and even prophecy. In wearing opal, the owner could be assured of success in their intimate and business relationships. The rulers and senators of Ancient Rome wore opal because they believed it brought the wearer hope and purity.

After one famous Roman, Mark Antony, was furious with Cleopatra for not supporting Rome during its last war, Cleopatra knew she had to do whatever it took to impress him and she invited him to her palace in Egypt. Opal jewelry hung from her neck and clung to her wrists. Strings of opals hung from the ceiling. When Mark Antony walked into the room, the light danced from stone to stone, surrounding the two in a rainbow of sparkling colors. Legend has it that this night started their love affair, one of the most famous love affairs of all time.

Years later, pride drove Nonius, a Roman senator, to make the mistake of showing off his collection of beaded jewelry to Mark Antony. Antony's eyes were instantly drawn to an exquisite opal ring and, because it reminded him of Cleopatra, he demanded Nonius hand them over or be executed. Rather than give up the gems, Nonius opted to flee the city he governed, leaving all of his possessions behind except for the opal ring.

This gorgeous stone, which has been loved by the rich and powerful since the beginning of civilization, can be yours as well. Simply call us to make and appointment and our helpful staff will help you choose your perfect opal.
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