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Topaz and Citrine: Which November Birthstone Do You Love

One of our favorite things about the November birthstone is that there two beautiful stones to choose from, ranging in vibrant orange to a dark, smoky almost brown. These stones are citrine and topaz, and generations have been in love with both for lifetimes.

These orange precious gems are the perfect stone for November, reflecting the changing colors of the leaves, and the homey, comforting fireplace hues.

Traditionally found in deep oranges and yellows, topaz can actually be found in reddish, gold, violet, very rare pink, or nearly colorless stones. Topaz mined in Brazil is traditionally found in deep golden brown to bright yellow. Sometimes they are treated to enhance the color in a deeper or brighter hue.

Topaz was used in the middle ages as a healing stone, ranging as a remedy for mental instability to sleeping problems. Topaz was frequently associated with wisdom, and during the medieval era, it frequently adorned pendants and rings for celebrated heads of state.

Citrine is also found in Brazil, as well as France, Madagascar, and Russia. The yellows, orange, yellow-brown, deep gold, and darker orange and reddish brown stones are seen as an equal to topaz for those born in the month of November. Since they come in so many variations, you may fall in love with a shade before knowing which stone it is.

Artificial citrine is heat-treated amethyst, while genuine citrine has been linked to prosperity and are traditionally seen in the more common lemony yellow.

On the Mohs scale, which ranks the hardness of stones and precious minerals, topaz is a sturdy 8 and citrine being a quartz, is a 7. Both of these stones can handle everyday wear, but it would be best to remove jewelry before handling solvents or detergents, before swimming, and before using any sort of heavy machinery.
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