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Birthstone of the Month

Moonstone is June's Birthstone

Moonstone, June's birthstone, was given its name because of the stones shimmered when moved, known as adularisation. This shimmer has been admired throughout time and cultures, sometimes being given mystical associations.

The Ancient Romans believed that moonstone was actually frozen moonlight. In Ancient India, moonstone necklaces and moonstone rings were worn by some bed to ensure pleasant dreams. In some Ancient Middle Eastern countries, women wore moonstones sewn into their nightgowns to bed because the stones were believed to increase fertility.

Moonstones appear in a variety of colors, including colorless, gray, pink, peach, and blue. Some moonstones, sometimes called rainbow moonstones, appear in all these colors. Stop in to Diana's to see our collections of moonstone jewelry. See this stone's unique shimmer for yourself and experience why so many have loved this gem for so long.
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