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Birthstone of the Month

Bloodstone: March's Birthstone

Bloodstone, March's birthstone, is a kind of quartz called chalcedony. The stone appears in ranges of green with spots of maroon. The spots are a result of iron oxide and because to some these spots resembled blood, the stone was given its name.

Since the beginning of time, bloodstone jewelry has been believed to contain magical properties. Because bloodstones were believed to stop bleeding upon contact, Babylonian soldiers carried bloodstone pendants and bloodstone amulets into the fray in case of serious injury. In the Middle Ages some wore bloodstone necklaces in the belief that the bloodstone jewelry made the wearer invisible. And still others used bloodstone jewelery to cast revenge spells.

Today, bloodstone jewelry is associated with insight and courage, as shown in the birthstone poem which declares that the wearer “shall be wise/In days of peril firm and brave,” Of course, you don't need to believe in the powers associated with bloodstone jewelry to add a piece to your collection. Because of bloodstone's humble beauty, bloodstone rings and bloodstone pendants make versatile pieces, pieces that can be worn with almost outfit.
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