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Birthstone of the Month

Garnet - the Birthstone for January

January's birthstone, garnet, has been sought after and held in esteem for centuries due to the gem's rich red shades and its perceived power to sustain physical health and personal relationships.

In the Middle Ages, garnet pendants were believed to cure inflammatory diseases. Today, some believe wearing garnet pendants can ease heart and lung problems, as well as help in curing infections.

Garnets are also believed to strengthen relationships. The anonymously written birthstone poem explains that the wearers of garnet jewelry will be ensured “constancy,” “true friendship,” and “fidelity.”

In the Middle Ages, garnet pendants were given as wedding gifts to help ensure fidelity. Today, garnet jewelry is viewed as a thoughtful gift for a long time friend; the garnet gem helps to further strengthen the strong bonds already created.

Because garnet is January's birthstone, it makes the perfect gift for any new mother expecting in January or anyone born in January. But garnet is also the perfect gift for that friend you've known forever, that friend who has everything. Stop in our store to see our garnet jewelry collection and you'll understand why this gorgeous red gem has been treasured through the ages.
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