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Birthstone of the Month

December's Birthstone is Tanzanite

Decembers Birthstone is Tanzanite Tanzanite-and-Diamond-Ring-48
Tanzanite and Diamond Ring
December’s birthstone, tanzanite is one of the more recently discovered gems. Tanzanite was first discovered over forty years ago by a part-time gold prospector. After this gem, which displays a breathtaking range of blues, purples, and reds, was inspected by several experts, including the Gemological Institute of America, Harvard University, and the British Museum, it was determined that this new gem was a variety of the mineral zoicite. It was named blue zoicite.

Despite the gem's beauty, Tiffany & Co, the first to offer to sell the gem, was afraid the name sounded too much like “blue suicide” and would keep away their customers. Since the gem was discovered in the foothills of the East African country, Tanzania, Tiffany & Co renamed the stone tanzanite.

Tanzanite is relatively soft and can be set in a different jewelry, such as tanzanite pendants and tanzanite rings. One of the largest and most famous pieces of Tanzanite, “The Queen of Kilamanjaro,” is set in a tiara.

Tanzanite's breathtaking winter colors make tanzanite jewelery the ideal present for anyone with a December birthday. It also makes a thoughtful holiday gift to any loved one this season.
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