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Birthstone of the Month

The Diamond is April's Birthstone

The Diamond is Aprils Birthstone
Hand-engraved Diamond Engagement Ring
The diamond, considered by most to be the queen of gems, is April's birthstone. Diamond's origins can be traced thousands of years, back to Ancient India.

Ancient Indians kept careful records of diamonds. At this time India was divided into different social classes and each class was assigned its own colored diamond. (Yes, while we are accustomed now to clear diamonds, they do occur naturally in a variety of colors.) The highest class, the priests were allowed to wear diamond necklaces and diamond rings that contained white to clear diamonds. Businessmen wore yellow diamond jewelry, and the social class at the bottom were only allowed to wear diamond jewelry using gray to black diamonds.

Alexander the Great was the first to bring the diamond to the West, but diamond jewelry did not become popular until the 1400s when established trade routes allowed for a dependable and sustained supply. By this time, diamonds were believed to have positive powers. If one suffered a heart ailment, all one had to do was wear a diamond necklace to be cured. Wearing diamond jewelry to bed could help one keep away nightmares. And wearing both diamond necklaces and diamond rings was believed to increase intellect.

Today, diamonds are not associated with helping cure one's ailments or with only a certain social class. We think of diamonds when we think of marriage, that unbreakable bond symbolized by the unbreakable gem. But diamond jewelry is not only appropriate for marriage engagements, but for celebrating the unbreakable bond with loved ones or close friends in our lives, to celebrate those unbreakable bonds.

Diamond Jewelry Showcase

Diamond Engagement Ring
The Diamond is Aprils Birthstone Diamond-Engagement-Ring-24

Two Tone Gold Ring with Yellow and White Diamonds
The Diamond is Aprils Birthstone Two-Tone-Gold-Ring-with-Yellow-and-White-Diamonds-13

Rose Gold and White Gold Band with Pink Diamonds
The Diamond is Aprils Birthstone Rose-Gold-and-White-Gold-Band-with-Pink-Diamonds-5

Necklace with Laser Drilled Diamonds
The Diamond is Aprils Birthstone Necklace-with-Laser-Drilled-Diamonds-45

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